Getting Your Home Ready to Sell – Inside and Out

Every seller wants to sell her home for top dollar, but it’s not just luck that makes that happen. It takes careful preparation and minding the details to get your home ready to sell. Here is how you can turn your home into an irresistible and marketable one:

What to do outside your home:
Home with for sale sign in front yard

    • It’s all about curb appeal
      Outstanding curb appeal leads to lasting first impressions. Prospective buyers will easily recall your great home when deciding which property they want to purchase.
    • Improve landscaping
      Your home’s landscape is the key to fantastic curb appeal. Start by mowing the lawn, pruning the bushes, weeding the garden and planting flowers, to give buyers the immaculate lawn they are looking for.
    • Tidy up and clean
      Next, you will want to tidy up and clean the exterior of your home. Potential buyers will see a sloppy exterior and could think that you neglected the interior maintenance as well. You can start by cleaning the gutters and pressure washing the exterior of your home.
    • Apply a fresh coat of paint to the door
      Choosing a color that contrasts the exterior color of your home will make your front door pop. This popping contrast ensures that your home stands out in home seekers minds. You also should replace worn and faded house numbers while displaying a newly purchased welcome mat.

What to do inside your home:

    • Organization is key
      Just as outstanding curb appeal is the key to getting your home ready outside, organization is the interior’s secret weapon. An unorganized home leads buyers to believe that there is not enough storage space or that the property is too small. Tidy up to highlight all the space your home has to offer.
    • De-clutter and Depersonalize
      Getting rid of clutter helps with the organization, but take it a step further and depersonalize. Packing up family heirlooms and antiques allows buyers to envision living in the home with their own belongings. We recommend getting a storage unit for extra furniture, knickknacks, photos and other personal items.
    • Everything needs to sparkle
      Clean you home until it shines. From top to bottom, from floor to ceiling fan and everything in between must be spotless. This also will help eliminate bad odors along with hiding the litter box and spraying air neutralizer.