Staging Ideas for the Autumn

Autumn is a wonderful time of year and is a great time to sell a home. Help make your listing sell faster with these 4 staging ideas.

  1. Include autumn scents. A subtle scent of apple pie, pumpkin and cinnamon, or something autumny can help make your home inviting. When using scents in your home, be mindful of how strong the smell is as it may turn potential buyers away.potion-2217630_640
  1. Lighten up. Take advantage of natural light by opening drapes and blinds and letting sunlight brighten your rooms and make them inviting. If more light is needed, you can use floor and tabletop lamps to add more light into a room.
  1. Groom your yard. Great curb appeal is important when selling your home and, with the leaves falling from the trees, it is important you take some time to rake up leaves and trim any overgrown or dead plants. Especially around your home’s windows and porches as they may distract and overshadow your home’s beauty.
  1. Decorate for the season. Right now mums and other fall decor are excellent props to brighten up a porch or deck. Pumpkins can add a fun seasonal touch and color to your outside; however, remember not to go overboard on the decor.

If you have any other staging questions, talk with your realtor for more tips and tricks to help make your home more appealing to potential buyers.