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Located 16 miles up the Weber River from Ogden, a quiet and cozy Morgan County town thrives. Mountain Green is home to the Browning Arms Company world headquarters and your very own Mountain Green Realtor, Cade Erickson.

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Conflict of 1825
Two major fur-trading companies began to explore Utah in the spring of 1825 to identify the region’s beaver supply. Johnson Gardner led American trappers westward along the Strawberry River into Weber Canyon. In the meantime, their British rivals from Hudson’s Bay Company traveled southward along the Green River. The two parties primarily steered clear of each other until they met at present Mountain Green.

In May, the two groups set up camp less than 100 yards from each other. Both groups claimed they had rights to the area. The American trappers believed the site to be in United States territory while the British claimed the area was under joint control of both governments. Naturally, tension filled the rival camps and both parties prepared to fight for territorial rights.

Peter Skene Ogden, leader of the British trappers, began to lose the battle when Gardner told Ogden’s men that they had no further obligation to the Hudson’s Bay Company. Gardner then offered each trapper high wages and cheap goods to switch sides. The offer was hard to refuse since Ogden’s men were underpaid and overcharged. Although Ogden tried to claim and punish the men for desertion, he eventually admitted defeat and gave the call to abandon the camp.


After the conflict, Mormon pioneers arrived to Morgan County in the 1850s. By that time, they found that the Mountain Green area belonged to Ben Simon. He and his brother traded with the Shoshone in the area for more than 20 years before the Mexican government granted Simon use of the land for grazing cattle. With permission from Simon and local Native Americans, settlers George W. Higley and Gordon Beckstead moved to Mountain Green. They named settlement “Mountain Green” for the areas abundant green grass and scenic landscape. By 1877, the population reached 150 people. However, the 1880 census showed only 75 residents. Rumor has it that many families left the area due to fear of conflict with Native Americans.


The Ogden-based Browning Arms Company needed space for a rural test-firing facility. As such, they purchased a farm in Mountain Green in 1961. By 1968, the company moved its executive offices, research and development, sales and data processing to the new location.

In 1971, a volunteer fire department was established. The Mountain Green Fire District formed due to the need for faster response times than what the county fire station could provide.

Today Mountain Green remains unincorporated and largely underdeveloped. In 2003, the population was approximated at 4,000 residents. The city provides an elementary school while older students attend Morgan Middle and High Schools.