Pioneer Day

canstockphoto15021349One particular date in the calendar of every member of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints or Mormons as they are referred to around the world is July 24. One question people who happen to be in the state of Utah at that period keep asking is, what is so special about July 24th or what is the story behind this remembrance day?
July 24th is celebrated by not just the Mormons, but it is also a state holiday in Utah. This particular day which has been tagged Pioneers day which is celebrated in Utah and beyond Utah has an interesting story surrounding it. The events which dates as far back February 24th, 1846, reveals that members who were later referred to pioneers of the Latter Day Saints started a dangerous journey led by Brigham Young while searching for shelter after being chased away from their homes in the town of Nauvoo, Illinois due to constant harassment and persecution by extremist. This led them to embark on this dangerous journey of over a thousand miles, and this took them about 18 long months to arrive at the Salt Lake valley.
On getting to Salt Lake Valley which is in Salt Lake city in the state of Utah today, they decided to settle there and built a tabernacle. According to Brigham Young who was the successor to the faith founder, Joseph Smith, I ascended and crossed over the Big Mountain . . . So that I could have a view of a portion of Salt Lake Valley. The Spirit of Light rested upon me and hovered over the valley, and I felt that there the Saints would find protection and safety. So, Brigham Young and the pioneer decided to settle in Salt Lake Valley. According to studies and reports from the church, the pioneers arrived at Salt Lake valley between July 22- 24th, 1847. By the end of 1846, the Latter Day Saints had formed a community with a total number of around 2000 pioneers. With words about their final settlement being spread across the world by Mormon missionaries, the number continued to increase with Mormon from England and other parts of America relocating to the city. By the end of 1850, the number settlers in Utah Valley was already approaching 11,000.
Every 24th of July in Mormon County in Salt Lake City, thousands of Mormons travel from around the world to join in the celebration of the Pioneer Day which is to remember the sufferings and sacrifices of the pioneers. Mormons in Utah celebrate the day by attending sunrise service, musical performance while some Mormon try to reenter Salt Lake Valley with the use of handcart as a way to remember the entry of the pioneers into Salt Lake Valley in July 24.